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Workouts for all fitness levels.
All training plans are tailored to you, your resources, schedule and preferences.
At home and gym plans availabe.
Workouts designed by Derek Carter, CSCS and Kinesiologist with 20+ years of experience.
Video demonstrations with verbal coaching cues to make sure your workouts are performed safely and effectively. 

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"It's like having a personal trainer everywhere you go!  If you're looking to get in shape, this is a perfect app and very user friendly"


"For over two years, he has kept me accountable, trained me beyond what I thought I could accomplish, all while having fun in the process."

Dan T.

"I have acute back problems and he has carefully and methodically maintained my back's stability while at the same time increasing my strength training challenges."

Marc G.

"He customizes the training sessions meticulously, and does a great job of focusing on any issues we might have (like weakness in the back, arms or legs)."

Rami R.

"There is no doubt that if you show up, listen and put in the work that Derek will get you into the best shape of your life, performing and feeling amazing."

Dan F.

"Before I met him I had a terrible diet and ate way too much sugar! I never thought I’d lose my baby weight and I felt so defeated. He helped me with my nutrition and pointed out ways I could swap out foods for healthier choices."

Michelle L.

"The combination of his technical knowledge (exercise and nutritional) and his motivational talent is the best around. If you are going to invest $ in having a trainer...Derek is the best."

Rich W.

"I have ben working with Derek for almost 15 years. What I like about DC, is he trains the whole person - physically, mentally and emotionally. Because of his efforts, I have stayed strong, flexible and most important, in great health."

Chuck R.

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