All online training is backed by science and over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

12 week custom program designed by Derek Carter. 
Includes free accessment, nutrition, strength, cardio and flexibility regimens specific to your workout location, availability of equipment and available time you have for each workout.
Free access to the Perform Younger® App. 
Ongoing Scheduled Coaching Calls & Text Support. 
 Reps, weights, sets and resting time are recorded within the app.
Workouts are based on your fitness goals, workout history, strengths and opportunities for improvement. 


Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions

I will be available via text message and email along with 15 minute phone calls every 2 weeks to get questions answered.  More phone/zoom calls are sold separately.  Send video recordings of uncertain exercise technique for me to coach you on. 

Once you've completed a medical history form, it will take me between 2-3 days to design your custom training and nutrition plan.  However, while you wait, feel free to use any of the 100+ workouts you'll find on the Perform Younger® app. 

Does not matter at all.  I've worked with every fitness level you could possibly imagine.  Once we do your first session/consultation via video call, I'll know exactly what fitness level you are and soon after design a training plan and nutrition plan appropriate for you and your goal(s).  

Simply open up the app and select "Activity Calendar" as shown below.  

Within 24hrs of you completing a medical history and nutrition questionnaire, I will email you a pdf of your nutrition plan.  

You will have access throughout the 90 day training plan.  To continue to have access to your plan via the app, you can either choose to pay a monthly or annual subscription to the Perform Younger® App or continue with more online training with me as your coach.  You do have the option to print any of the training plans whenever you want.  

Yes!  When you purchase online training, you also receive a nutrition plan and coaching form me.  I will ask you to record your food intake for a day or two and based on what I see, I will make suggestions.  You will know what types of food to eat based on your eating preferences, daily caloric intake, portion sizes, macros.  And you will receive a 1 week eating plan along with a list of different foods to build your daily menu.   

 With Online Training, you receive me as a coach (via text, email, phone and video calls) and receive a custom training plan and nutrition plan.  With the purchase of Training Plans, you receive a pre-designed training plan and simple nutrition information such as recommeded caloric intake and macros.  

I will be designing your training plan based on the equipment you have access to whether it be at home or at a gym.  However, for at home workouts, I recommend some dumbbells, resistance bands, a suspension trainer (TRX), stability ball and a pull up bar.  An equipment list along with purchase links will be provided once you make a purchase.  

Yes ! Your nutrition plan will be designed and specific foods will be recommended based on the following dietary preferences:
- Anything
- Mediterranean
- Paleo
- Vegetarian
- Ketogenic
- Fully plant based

Absolutely! Over the past 20+ years I've learned to help people with many injuries and pains either overcome them or work around them to reach their goals.