All Plans written and designed by Derek Carter, CSCS and Kinesiologist with over 20 years of experience. 
Exercise video demonstrations and highlighted photos to see the exact muscle targeted.
Plans range between 3-5 day splits and consist of resistance training, nutrition, flexibility and pre-workout mobility plans.
Nutrition plans include custom caloric intake, macros and calorie tracker.
At home training plans require a TRX  and dumbbells.  
Plans are designed to help you look, feel and perform younger.  Methodologies include HIIT, periodization training, german volume training, circuit training and more.
Plans for all fitness levels

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click on a training plan above and you will be taken to a window that will show you the exact equipment needed for that particular training plan. 

Absolutely Yes!  Each training plan comes with an optional "Play" function that will guide you through the workout.  You will know the exact reps, sets and how long to rest in between sets.

You will have access to your training plan within 12 hours. However, if you want to get started working out immediately, feel free to use any of the 100+ workouts you'll find on the Perform Younger® app. 

Simply open up the app and select "Activity Calendar" as shown below.  

Simply open up the app and select "Nutriton" as shown below.  You will then be asked some questions related to height, weight, lifestyle, activity level and goal. Once these questions are answered you'll immediatley be provided with a custom caloric intake and macro plan.  This app also comes with a calorie tracker that will automatically adjust the amount of calories you eat on the days you exercise.  

The only way to access your training plan(s) is to have access to the Perform Younger® App.  When you purchase a training plan, you will have free access to it for a month.  In order to continute to have access to your training plan, a monthly ($9/mo) or annual ($90/yr)  membership will be required.