I've used many foam rollers.  With an exception of the vibrating hyperice viper which sells for $200...this is the best.  

foam roller

For beginners.  Unlike most resistance bands, this item has heavy duty nylon sleeve covered for double protection to users or to the tubes. 

Resistance Training Bands

All fitness levels.  Weight options range from 20lbs to 100lbs per dumbbell.  

Exercise ball

Adjustable Dumbbells

Light and fast.  Best for soft surfaces.  Do not use on cement or asphalt as the rough surface will destroy the coating on the cable.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Anti-burst, anit-slip.  2000lb weight capacity.  All fitness levels.  Great tool to strengthen core. 

Light. Portable.  Great for travel using just body weight for resistance.  For every fitness level. 

TRX GO Suspension Trainer

Here are some of the best home gym workout equipment in the world! And budget friendly!! 

MY FAVORITE workout equipment

Pull up assistance bands

Pull up bar

exercise mat

Great for increasing pull up strength and overall strength training. I personally use these instead of regular resistance bands for a more intense workout. 

Allows for wide, reverse and neutral grip pull ups.  By far the best bang for your buck. 

Easy to clean.  1/2 inch cushion makes it comfortable to do pretty much any exercise.  

PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set 

The best adjustable dumbbell.  Great for dynamic movements.

Handles used with Pull Up Assistance Bands $22

For advanced fitness levels.  Pair these with the Pull Up Assistance Bands for a better resistance band workout.